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solar-based rural electrification and community solar projects

Solar-Based Rural Electrification Programs
In 1984 Enersol pioneered the introduction of PV technology in the Latin American and Caribbean region. It developed the Solar-Based Rural Electrification Concept (SO-BASEC) innovation, which drew interest worldwide.  Check out this page, which includes information about the Dominican Republic SO-BASEC Program and the Honduras SO-BASEC Program.

Community Solar Projects to Improve Rural Health and Education
Building upon the successful SO-BASEC programs, Enersol developed community projects to improve rural health and education. Check out this page, which includes information about AGUASOL Projects (solar-powered potable water systems) and EDUSOL Projects (solar-powered computers).

Consulting and Special Projects
Enersol’s innovative work led to various special projects around Latin America (Belize, Guatemala, Bolivia and Mexico). In 1996 Enersol formed a joint venture, Global Transition Consulting (GTC), to provide advisory services to other organizations with efforts in the rural energy space. GTC has assisted many leading organizations, including the World Bank and the Grameen Bank.  


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